Posted: 09.20.2011
Atlantic Lottery invites Atlantic Canadians to Ask Away

Atlantic Lottery has been part of the fabric of Atlantic Canada for 35 years. But although Atlantic Canadians know of Atlantic Lottery, very few could tell you much about them - like who owns Atlantic Lottery, where their profits go and the impact they have on Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Lottery partnered with Revolve and Digital Kitchen to create a platform where Atlantic Canadians could find answers they didn’t even know they were looking for. became the hub for an integrated campaign where Atlantic Canadians can ask Atlantic Lottery anything they want. Not what you might expect from a typical government institution is it?

Through TV, print and online Atlantic Canadians can explore stories, find answers, and most importantly, participate in a two-way conversation at We traveled throughout our region talking to Atlantic Canadians and asking what would you like to know about Atlantic Lottery? Their responses, both positive and negative, started the conversation and the answers are provided through the voices of Atlantic Canadians, not a corporation.

AskAway is more than a campaign. It’s a connection between Atlantic Canadians and a corporation that exists to benefit them. As the campaign evolves, new stories and questions will bubble up to keep the conversation relevant and informative for everyone.