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Revolve Redefines our Agency Model

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Revolve's fundamental belief in continuous improvement, remaining relevant to our clients' needs and living our Uncomplicated value led us to rethink our internal structure and how Revolvers interact and collaborate. We realized that while our job titles, and the way we were departmentalized, reflect the structure of a traditional advertising agency, it didn't reflect Revolve. Or the way we do business.

Revolve is a brand consultancy with strong digital, advertising and design skills. We're strategic and creative. And we use both in proper measure to help build our clients' brands. With no silos - just integration and cross-pollinization between team members possessing a variety of skills and disciplines. We feel our approach is aligned with the social habits of the brands we help to build and the behaviours of their consumers. While we're not the first in our industry to rethink titles and job descriptions and structure, we're certainly proud to be on the leading edge of building a fully integrated firm where the Digital team isn't just bolted on.

The three main functions of our firm are represented as follows: Brand Strategists – Revolvers who analyze and manage a client’s business; formulating, planning and executing to tell a brand’s story. Brand Creators – Revolvers who generate ideas and develop the elements to deliver branded experiences – artists, writers and digital developers. Brand Catalysts – Revolvers who make it happen – the catalyst between the client, our strategists, our creators and our vendors. Every Revolver performs every function every day. Our new titles better reflect where the majority of our time is focused.

Revolve's org chart continues to define reporting structure, with Creative, Digital, Client Services and Finance each having their own Directors responsible for HR and accountable for established success metrics. But Revolve's new approach has a project team consisting of Strategists, Creators and Catalysts assigned and collaborating on every project from beginning to end.