Posted: 04.18.2011
Brain Candy Toys

Educational toys and teacher’s resources are what you’ll find lining the shelves at Brain Candy Toys, but what you’ll really discover is an independent toy store with a mission to inspire tomorrow’s youth to think.

Brain Candy Toys – located in Bedford, Nova Scotia – brings this belief to life every day with an inventory that includes 3D puzzles, science and math kits, hand-crafted cars and trains, as well as a wide selection of teaching aids. You won’t find any mindless DVD’s or video games here.

So when it came time for Revolve to create a campaign for Brain Candy Toys, we wanted it to make people think too. We asked ourselves, “How would Brain Candy Toys tell a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme?” From there, the idea was born.

The campaign is a demonstration of Brain Candy Toys’ mission to keep our kids thinking. It takes the classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes we all grew up with, and imagines what they would be like if they were told using math equations instead of words. The result? A campaign that will make you think as much as Brian Candy Toys itself.

Do you have the smarts to identify each story?

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