Allswater | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



Allswater is a single-source marine engineering firm specializing in offshore applications. A tight-knit group of engineers, surveyors, naval architects and support crew, Allswater serves clients around the world. The firm wanted their brand to reflect their global offering and turned to Revolve for advice. 


We started with Revolve’s proprietary Brand DNA – a deep dive into who Allswater really is and where the passion driving their engineering solutions comes from. We uncovered the Allswater story – their pride in their accomplishments, their commitment to their clients and their ability to find innovative ideas and creative solutions. The result was a simple, yet powerful, brand promise - Allswater: All In. 


We also provided Allswater with an internal rallying cry that captures their passion and personality: ships are cool. Staff shirts and hats were created to support the ships are cool mantra and the firm has even been using the hashtag #shipsarecool when engaging their audience in a light-hearted and social manner. 


We created a strong new logo for Allswater featuring an abstract ship hull, and developed a new responsive website. We also designed new business cards, stationery, marketing sell sheets and a brochure – giving Allswater everything they need to compete on a global level. Lastly, we developed dramatic, movie-style posters featuring Allswater projects to line their office walls and command points of pride for the entire firm.