Canadian Lobster | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canadian Lobster

With the plight of our iconic shellfish facing declining prices and increasing competition, the Lobster Council of Canada committed to strengthen the brand of this $1.7 billion per year export, and engaged Revolve to recalibrate the Canadian Lobster brand.

Research was conducted with over 130 industry stakeholders from around the world, including customers, processors, live shippers, buyers, brokers and the food service sector. Revolve’s proprietary Brand DNA process, including a deep dive workshop with key industry influencers, generated the insight we needed to develop a brand strategy to better define Canadian Lobster and its advantages over competitive products. 


The brand platform Revolve created for Canadian Lobster is enabling the entire industry to have a common voice with a clear, consistent and compelling brand story and promise.


Revolve also created a brandmark to identify the best lobster in the world. The new Canadian Lobster logo was informed by the Brand DNA and leverages the globally recognized and highly respected Canada brand.