Fredericton | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


In 2015, the City of Fredericton and Fredericton Tourism engaged Revolve to define the heart and soul of their brand. 

City of Fredericton

Place branding is different than corporate branding. Adapting our Brand DNA approach, we dug deep into what makes the City of Fredericton unique and discovered it is a place that is always innovating. Informed by this insight, we defined the City of Fredericton’s personality, core values, vision, mission, purpose and brand promise – “Our Tradition Is Innovation.” Fredericton now has an integrated, scalable brand platform that can be lived by everyone who delivers and experiences the City of Fredericton brand – from city workers to government officials. 


Revolve also created comprehensive brand guidelines, providing clear yet flexible rules for using the logo, slogan, graphics, colours, typography and photography. The guidelines detail how to write on behalf of the brand and include templates for stationery, advertisements and brochures. 


Fredericton Tourism

We put our Brand DNA process to work for Fredericton Tourism and uncovered something special: the city offers visitors authentic, inspired experiences that enrich their lives well beyond their visit. We built on this insight to craft Fredericton Tourism’s brand pillars, personality, core values, vision, mission and purpose, as well as an internal brand promise and a public facing brand promise – “Be Inspired.” 


Revolve supported Fredericton Tourism’s Brand DNA with in-depth brand guidelines. These guidelines give Fredericton Tourism the freedom to create compelling communications at every touch point, while providing practical rules to ensure each is on brand.