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IWK Health Centre

The IWK Health Centre provides world-class care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes and beyond. In 2016, IWK is adopting the International Trauma Informed Care Program – an approach to creating a safe and trustworthy environment for patients, families and staff at the individual, organizational and system level. Revolve was pleased to help the IWK create a brand messaging platform to communicate this new approach to both staff and the public. 

Your Experiences Matter Image
Revolve researched academic and medical documentation to create a concise and consistent brand for the IWK’s Trauma Informed Care approach. The resulting Brand DNA defines the benefits, personality, values, vision, mission, purpose and core messages of Trauma Informed Care, leading to a unique and memorable brand promise – “Your Experiences Matter.” The Brand DNA is supported with a logo designed to elevate “Your Experiences Matter,” an informative website, posters, pop-up banners and bookmarks.


The IWK’s Trauma Informed Care approach represents a shift to a more empathetic culture for the entire organization. Launched in early 2016, Revolve’s “Your Experiences Matter” brand platform has been enthusiastically received by over 1,100 IWK stakeholders.