Lawtons Cosmetics | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lawtons Cosmetics

Lawtons is one of Atlantic Canada’s best known pharmacy brands, with 78 locations and a history dating back to 1907. While Lawtons is known to be a fantastic pharmacy, there is less consumer awareness of their cosmetics department. Revolve put our Brand DNA process to work to uncover the category’s unique strengths, and provide a disruptive strategy that better communicates it both internally and externally.

Revolve discovered the unique strength of Lawtons’ cosmetics department lies in its people. They are true cosmeticians who celebrate and support their clients with expert advice and by making every visit a fun experience. We clarified, reinforced and amplified this fact by positioning Lawtons’ cosmeticians as “beauty best friends” who build relationships, trust and loyalty with their clients.


To communicate this culture-shifting discovery to Lawtons’ staff, Revolve produced a video featuring the company’s top cosmeticians explaining what it means to be a “beauty best friend.” We also ensured the “beauty best friend” positioning was woven into Lawtons’ training and customer service practices. And to communicate it externally, we provided Lawtons with recommendations that shift messaging from promoting sales to building relationships and telling stories.