Noggins Corner & Cider | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Noggins Corner & Cider

Located in the heart of Nova Scotia’s fertile Annapolis Valley, Noggins Corner is a family farm business with a history dating back nine generations to1760. A true experience farm, Noggins Corner introduces its guests to Mother Nature’s “wow factor” through agritourism, a year-round farm market, and by producing various value added products, including its own hard cider. 


Revolve put its Brand DNA process to work, applying disruptive thinking to uncover the soul of Noggins Corner, and quickly discovered that it’s way more than a farm. Through fun activities like school tours and a corn maze, as well as fresh produce sold at its traditional roadside farm market, Noggins Corner has been making people happy for a very long time. For nine generations in fact. Armed with this insight, Revolve developed the brand promise “Growing smiles since 1760” for Noggins Corner. 


We also developed a new visual identity and logo system for Noggins Corner’s Farm Market, Apple Crisps, Apple Butter and Farm Fun products and services. The visual identity is welcoming, fun and friendly, and brings Noggins Corner’s brand personality to life. 

Revolve also recalibrated Noggins’ alcoholic cider brand, providing strategic counsel to bring it under the master Noggins brand. We renamed the product Noggins Cider to leverage the well-loved Noggins Corner brand and provide clarity in the marketplace. Revolve also renamed each cider variety, and developed the tagline “Beyond the Obvious”. Taken from core Noggins Corner Brand DNA insights, “Beyond the Obvious” elevates the Mother Nature “wow factor” that’s inherent in everything Noggins does.

Revolve took a slightly different approach to logo and package design for Noggins Cider. While echoing the master Noggins brand through font and colour selection, the Noggins Cider identity is more sophisticated in order to appeal to its adult target audience.