Whitestone | Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Whitestone is Nova Scotia’s most awarded homebuilder and renovator. Heading into their 20th year in business, Whitestone turned to Revolve for help improving their online presence.



Whitestone needed a website that was built and designed as beautifully as their homes. It needed to be incredibly easy to find, so we dug into the home construction and renovation industry to fully understand Whitestone’s market. Then we rewrote the site’s content to optimize it for search engines. Now Whitestone’s site ranks significantly higher when searching generic home construction terms on Google.

With renovations becoming a larger part of Whitestone’s business, we ensured they were emphasized on their new site. We created new renovation content and housed it on a dedicated section with subpages for bathroom, kitchen, basement and whole home renovations. 




Whitestone’s new website also needed to be simple to update and highly viewable on mobile devices. To accomplish this, we implemented an easy-to-use content management system and built the website to be responsive, ensuring it displays equally well on all devices.

We also helped Whitestone celebrate their 20th anniversary by designing a special logo.

Since Whitestone’s new website launched, it has received increased traffic from both desktop and mobile devices, with over 85% of visitors coming for the first time. Over 20,000 pages have been viewed in just six months, and time spent on Whitestone’s new website has increased.