About Us

Revolve is a full-service branding and marketing firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, serving clients across Canada and the US. We’ve built our reputation on our ability to reduce a complex challenge to a simple strategy. We take a nimble, practical and entrepreneurial approach to help build strong, memorable brands based on authenticity and creativity. Our culture is focused on making sure our clients love us and being known in our industry as a great place to work.


Revolve strives for creative that is brilliant or smart, but not clever. Brilliant is authentic, memorable and category defining. Smart is fresh, practical and effective. Our world is cluttered with clever creative that is unmemorable, complicated and rarely on brand.


Get the objectives right and the strategy writes itself. Revolve has built our own brand around our ability to reduce a complex challenge to a simple strategy.


We work hard to make our clients’ lives easier. We are responsive, entrepreneurial and promote a culture of accountability.


Practical, nimble and efficient. Few layers. No drama. No bullshit.

We Care

Work and life balance is necessary for a happy, healthy and motivated environment. We care for, respect and invest in each other and our community.