About Us

Revolve is a full-service marketing agency with deep roots in brand strategy and creative services. Our passion is helping our clients ignite the spirit, touch the heart and inspire the mind with authentic brand storytelling and marketing. With over 35 years of experience serving clients across Canada and the US, Revolve continually evolves its offerings to keep pace with changes in consumer behaviour. We proudly employ a diverse and deeply skilled team of strategists in marketing, social media, ecommerce, as well as community managers, content creators, web developers, media planners and buyers, and SEM/SEO experts that all work in harmony to help the brands we serve thrive in this increasingly digital savvy marketplace.



We use data and insights to reduce a complex challenge to a simple strategy. Get the objectives right and the strategy writes itself.


Creativity is at the very core of what we do. It is a frame of mind. It fuels innovation and can solve any problem. Revolve has the courage to create big, bold ideas that are fresh, authentic and effective.


We foster a start-up culture of initiative, responsiveness, accountability and velocity. We are nimble, practical and curious. We listen more than we talk, and we don’t just adapt to change – we drive it.


Few layers. No drama. No bullshit.


We care for, respect and invest in each other and our community. Extraordinary attention to detail comes from our pride in our work and our love for the brands we help steward.


To be a significant contributor to the prosperity of communities across Canada through the brands we help steward.


To provide an extraordinary experience for our clients, with ideas rooted in strategy and executed with creativity.


Helping brands thrive.


We listen, untangle and create.