Big Erics comes home

For over half a century, Big Erics has been supplying exceptional products and sharing their superior expertise to restaurants and institutions all along the eastern seaboard.

Now they bring that expert knowledge and an amazing high end product line-up to the discriminating home chef with the launch of Big Erics At Home.

Revolve was thrilled to work with Big Erics to develop a brand strategy and launch the Big Erics At Home consumer brand. Our engagement included consolidating several B2B brands that had been acquired over the years, authoring the Big Erics Brand DNA and Ignite the Senses brand promise, designing a new brand identity, interior and exterior signage, interior design and merchandising direction, and launching a multimedia ad campaign to launch the new consumer brand.

We wanted to create a multi-sensory connection with home chefs and inspire their culinary efforts. The sound of a clean chop on a butcher block, the flash of a hot stove, the sizzle of garlic in a cast iron pan all ignites the senses and fuels passion for home chefing.

Big Erics At Home is a store within a store conveniently located at the edge of Dartmouth Crossing.

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