Is Your Small Business Getting The Most Out Of Every Media Dollar?

There’s an old marketing adage that goes something like this: you can outspend your competition, or you can outsmart them. For small to mid sized businesses facing competition from large global brands, the choice is obvious. In fact, it’s hardly a choice at all. But unfortunately, it’s a lot easier said than done.

So how does a small business ensure it is spending its media dollar in the smartest way possible? At Revolve, it comes down to applying disruptive thinking to create a media strategy that’s efficient and effective. Case in point: Sea Fever Rum and Fortress Rum brands, crafted in small batches by Guysborough, Nova Scotia’s Authentic Seacoast.

As new brands entering a highly competitive market with a limited media budget, Sea Fever Rum and Fortress Rum faced an uphill battle. But they both have great, authentic stories to tell. They are unique brands that needed a non-traditional approach to get the word out.

Revolve’s disruptive media strategy took a three-pronged approach. For launch, efforts were focused on public relations. By inviting key news outlets to Sea Fever Rum and Fortress Rum’s launch events, Revolve let editorial content inform the public rather than relying on paid media placements. And it worked. The Chronicle Herald, CBC and CTV all reported on the products’ launch. Editorial exposed the public to the brands and told their stories in a way that advertising could not.

After launch, Revolve’s strategy shifted to tasting events at NSLC stores throughout Nova Scotia. With the public’s appetite wet and curiosity peaked, it was important to get the rums on the lips of Nova Scotians. This direct to consumer phase of the strategy was designed specifically to drive trial and sales of Sea Fever Rum and Fortress Rum at the point of purchase.

The strategy’s third prong consisted of a highly targeted and focused online ad campaign. As well as using behavioural targeting to serve the ads to rum drinkers, Revolve’s strategy included geofenced mobile ads, which targeted by location. Using geofenced ads ensured that only people in proximity of an NSLC that carried the rum would see the ad. As a result, Authentic Seacoast’s exposure was concentrated to potential customers only.

For a small business like Authentic Seacoast, outsmarting the competition meant investing in the right media strategy, rather than the easiest one. By developing a non-traditional approach, Revolve planned and executed laser-focused campaigns that broader media channels couldn’t offer. And when the final results came in, sales exceeded the NSLC’s new product launch average by 400%.

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