One Wind Reaps The Benefits Of Revolve’s Brand DNA Approach

Earlier this year, Eon Windelectric changed its name to One Wind and asked Revolve refresh, redefine and relaunch their brand.

We put our Brand DNA process to work to discover what really makes One Wind spin, and learned that as an independent service provider offering efficiency and expertise to wind farm owners, One Wind’s technicians and engineers take care of turbine flocks with the same drive and dedication as farmers tending their crops.

We learned that One Wind’s product is really their people – humble, enthusiastic, intelligent and ambitious professionals who pull out all the stops to give their clients the best possible wind power yields.

Then we distilled it down into One Wind’s new Brand Promise: Reap Every Gust.

While other renewable energy companies tend to focus on how environmentally friendly they are (One Wind also excels at this by the way), we decided to disrupt this line of thinking. Not only is One Wind an incredibly green service provider, they work hard every day to ensure their clients harvest the most green energy possible.

With One Wind’s new brand defined, we got busy designing everything they needed to take it to the world. We started with One Wind’s new identity, designing a simple, striking logo featuring an abstract turbine blade. Then we designed and developed a new responsive website that automatically formats to whichever device is accessing it. Finally, we provided One Wind with all the media relations and trade show materials needed to look as professional as they act.

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