Love From Canada Video


How should you send your submissions? We’ve made it easy!
Pick any one of the below:

  • Email a photo or video to
  • Send a photo or video in a direct message to @LawtonsDrugs or @Sobeys or @SafewayCanada on social media
  • Post a photo publicly on social media using the hashtag #LovefromCanada and tag @LawtonsDrugs or @Sobeys or @SafewayCanada



What should you send? Anything from the heart. Here are some tips:

  • We’re only collecting submissions until May 31st, so make sure to get them in soon!
  • Keep videos short, so we can fit in as many messages as possible; 5-15 seconds is best.
  • Feel free to introduce yourself to the residents with your first name and city or province, to personalize the message. You can include this at the beginning of your video, or in text with your photo submission.
  • If sending photos (maybe your child is a great artist!), try to make sure the space is well-lit.



What else should you know?

  • All submissions are appreciated but not all will be selected for the final video
  • Submissions may be edited or shortened
  • Selected submissions will be featured in a video compilation and shared on social media
  • By sending a submission, you’re agreeing to Sobeys Inc. using your material for the purposes of creating and promoting the video compilation in perpetuity
  • Financial compensation will not be provided


Let’s show our friends in long-term care facilities that even though we’re apart, we carry them in our hearts every day, filled with so much love, from Canada.


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