Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads is a tool used in search engine marketing (SEM), which is the process of buying ads on search engines to improve visibility for your business. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) works by bidding on words and phrases that your audience is searching for in Google search, and showing them paid ads for your business.

We begin by researching key words that your audience is searching for to identify the type of searches that we want to appear for. We then craft compelling ads that are targeted to your audience’s searches to encourage them to click on the ad to visit your website and contact you.

Google Ads bills on a cost-per-click basis, meaning that you only pay if someone clicks on your ad!


What are the benefits of Google Ads and search engine marketing (SEM)?

Time-to-market – Google Ads is a great way to quickly get in front of your audience at key moments when they are searching. This is in contrast to search engine optimization (SEO) which can take a period of time before seeing an improved presence in organic search results.

High ranking – With many companies targeting your audience in search results, Google Ads offers an edge in appearing at the top of the page above organic search results and your competition.

Results – Google Ads typically sees amongst the highest conversion rates compared to other paid advertising channels. This is due to the fact that searchers are actively showing interest and searching for products and services that your company offers. Combined with the speed that we can get into market means that Google Ads often provides immediate results.

Pay-per-click – Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning you only pay if someone clicks on your ads. This means it is completely free to show up and you only pay if the ad works in engaging your audience.

Targeting – Google Ads primarily targets your audience through keywords, which are search words and phrases that your audience is searching for. In addition to keywords, we can target your campaign by precise geolocation down to specific postal codes that your audience lives in. We can also target searchers who have been to your website before, or searchers who haven’t, and craft custom messages for those unique audiences.

Flexible budget – Google Ads enables the ability to set a limit on your daily spend. This gives us the flexibility to increase the budget on days where your audience is more likely to be searching and decrease it during slower periods.


What does Google Ads management with Revolve include?

Campaign setup – We’ll work closely with you to learn about your target audience to identify what they are searching for and craft compelling ads that encourage them to click.

Conversion tracking – We’ll set up tracking on your website to measure actions that are important to your business, such as phone calls or form submissions from your website. Setting up tracking will allow us to tie the performance of your campaign to business success.

Google Analytics integration – Your campaign will be integrated with your Google Analytics to see a holistic view of your website’s performance. Don’t have a Google Analytics account? No problem, we’ll set one up for you.

Reporting – Regular reporting will allow you to stay on top of performance and understand exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Optimization – Once the campaign is set up and running, our work does not stop there. Regular optimization will be made to continually improve the performance of your campaign.


Why choose Revolve for your Google Ads account management?

Google Partner – Revolve is a Google-certified partner. To you this means that your campaign will be managed by Google certified professionals with experience delivering results.

Measurable – We understand that while clicks on your ad and traffic to your website are valuable, these metrics don’t necessarily impact your bottom line. Our campaigns are set up to include tracking for key actions that are important to your business. This enables us to measure the direct impact that the campaign is having on your business.

Transparency – There are no surprises with us on what keywords we’re bidding on, what your ads look like, or how much you are paying. We provide full, in-depth reporting on the performance of your campaign and direct access to your data in Google Analytics so you can see your data in real-time.


Interested? Contact us at today for an audit of your existing Google Ads account or to learn how search engine marketing can help your business.