Gamified Marketing

Gamification helps enhance customer engagement, acquisition, retention and loyalty. Gamification applies the underlying principles, mechanics and psychology that keep us playing games to grab attention, motivate users and boost loyalty.

Companies are using gamification to:

  • Enhance customer loyalty to increase revenue. With gamification, you can drive up total lifetime value of each customer, gather better information on what motivates your customers to action, identify and respond to trends in customer behavior, inspire community collaboration and improve ad inventory and revenue by increasing site stickiness and page views.
  • Increase customer word-of-mouth and referral. Gamification allows you to amplify your brand reach by encouraging and rewarding customer interactions on social media. It can also help you grow customer satisfaction and willingness to promote your brand.
  • Increase customer share-of-mind to drive brand affinity and loyalty. You can use gamification to motivate ongoing, meaningful interaction with your brand to help customers recognize the value of your offering. In addition, gamification can help provide non-monetary rewards to incent certain actions, such as early or exclusive access, status, power and recognition, and it can nurture a sense of community and belonging.


Gamified Loyalty Programs

We live in an age of distraction where traditional loyalty programs are failing to develop true loyalty between brands and their customers.  To be successful, today’s brands need to engage customers, retain their interest and drive true loyalty.

True loyalty is one where the customer has an emotional stake in the brand and remains loyal to the brand in all circumstances. The customer never seeks out alternatives, is willing to forgive mistakes and will even pay more money to be with the same brand. This is where gamification steps in, to help develop true loyalty between your brand and your customers.

It takes more than points and discounts to build true loyalty. The most effective loyalty programs begin by understanding your customers then provides them with intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that keep them engaged.  Using the same effective mechanics, techniques and psychology made popular in games, we at Revolve apply revolutionary gamification techniques to loyalty programs that excite customers and elevate their engagement levels in order to build true loyalty.

The power of true loyalty grows exponentially over time. Loyalty drives profitability in three primary ways: repeat business, retention and word of mouth.

Gamified Interactive Marketing & Product Launches

When it comes to launching a new product or service, our expertise provides clients with innovative strategies to ensure a successful launch. Revolve uses advanced gamification tactics to create engaging experiences that educate your target customers on new products and inspire real behaviour change by ensuring consumers retain the information, share it with others and encourage purchase.

These campaigns draw attention, showcase your new product and its key features and benefits, and ensures the information sticks in the minds of the people you want to reach. Our approach encourages consumers to interact with your brand in an entertaining and meaningful way, which creates loyal brand ambassadors that help spread your message and achieve your marketing and business goals.