Matthew Allen

Creative Director

Every day, Matthew reminds himself and his staff to keep it simple. As Revolve’s Creative Director, it’s one of the ways he ensures all the creative work that leaves our doors is relevant and impactful for both our clients and their consumers. A champion of all things unique, Matthew harnesses the creative energy of every Revolver and channels it into great ideas that lead to remarkable results.

Always moving forward, Matthew is forever searching for new consumer insights and trends that will give our clients an edge. He’s never been one to let past successes define him, but that doesn’t mean success hasn’t followed him throughout his career. In fact, Matthew’s work has been recognized at some of the most prestigious creative award shows in the world, including The One Show in New York City. And while professional accolades are nice, knowing that his work has real and positive impacts on our clients’ business is what makes Matthew such a passionate leader.