Mike Bardsley

Vice President

Mike is a Revolve veteran with almost two decades of experience helping our clients achieve and surpass their business goals. His work is focused on strengthening brands, helping them thrive in competitive markets and challenging their status quo. His experience, intuition and passion for delivering world-class work has led to long and important relationships based on respect, value and success. A comprehensive understanding of branding, communications and strategy, layered with a people-centric approach consistently helps to challenge and create growth.

Mike never turns down a challenge, and there’s little he likes more than chasing new goals. He’s a graduate from St. Mary’s University, bilingual, a member of the Wallace McCain Institute (2iC8) and both a participant and facilitator in Executive Leadership Forums. He’s also a proud dad, avid fly fisher, golfer and accomplished curler (Mike has represented Nova Scotia twice in the Brier), and an executive director with the Nova Scotia Salmon Association. Mike credits curiosity, range and establishing meaningful relationships as key elements to help everyone win, and have some fun along the way.

Mike is responsible for implementing digital innovation into every facet of Revolve, including our own digital literacy, and helping find the right balance of digital presence to ensure our clients better connect with their audience.