Revolve Branding & Marketing | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
We're Revolve, one of Canada's premiere branding and marketing agencies. We apply disruptive thinking to build powerful brands with purpose.
Building a national brand of independent retailers
Delivering sophisticated media and sponsorship strategies for one of the world’s largest off-road vehicle and snowmobile brands.
Defining the heart and soul of New Brunswick's capital city.
IWK Trauma
Creating a culture of empathy for IWK Health Centre, the Maritime's most loved brand.
Ellaments Jewelry Bag
Launching the brand of a custom jewelry artist.
A distinct global brand to help consumers identify the best lobster in the world.
Leading our region’s most important and thorough branding project, engaging over 20,000 residents and stakeholders to capture the spirit of what Halifax is and what it aspires to be.
Helping a marine engineering firm compete on a global level.
Celebrating Nova Scotians who make responsible choices.